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This is the One, Definitive, Must-Have Reference series in the Field of MINDSET for Years to Come...

The Mindset Mastery Virtual Bootcamp brought together many of the world's greatest experts in the fields of mental conditioning, peak performance, finding your passion and purpose, living your dreams, Law of Attraction, manifesting abundance and eliminating self-limiting beliefs. It has been called...

"...the greatest team of mindset experts ever assembled."

We interviewed 14 of them in live teleseminars, complete with live question and answer sessions. The audios and transcripts of their interviews, together with the expert contributions of some other mindset masters that we just couldn't fit into the interview series, will give you the most concentrated information on every area of mindset that's ever been assembled in one place:

The Mindset Mastery Bootcamp Home Study Course


This series gives you the most reliable, time-tested, kick-butt strategies for getting you not just "unstuck" in your life, but taking you forward to massive results with less effort and no stress.

These Masters of Mindset will...

Who Are These Masters of Mindset?

Chris Attwood

is an expert in the field of personal development. For over 30 years he has studied and explored the field of human consciousness.

After rising to become President of Newcomb Government Securities, a secondary dealer in U.S. government securities, Chris retired for ten years. During that time he did extensive research in the field of human consciousness and studied the Vedic literature of India. Today he brings this deep spiritual basis to his workshops and seminars, showing participants how their inner life creates the results they see in their outer life.

Janet Attwood

combines a unique blend of spirituality and practical, useful knowledge that can be put to use immediately. Her passion and focus is supporting people, in every part of the world, in knowing their personal greatness.

She shows her students how it's possible to have a life of abundance while living their dreams. Janet is sought after because of her authenticity, clarity and the power of the tools she shares.

Chris and Janet teach you to find your passion - everything in mindset depends on this first step...

Dr. Alex Loyd

spent 12 years searching everwhere for a way to cure his wife's clinical depression. And his patience was rewarded - he finally discovered a way to heal the whole person on a cellular level. Now known as The Healing Codes, his method may well become one of the foremoste healing practices of the 21st century. And it heals not only the body, but also the mental obstacles that sabotage our success in every area of life.

Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson introduce you to one of the most advanced energy healing methods available today.

T. Harv Eker

In his groundbreaking "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind", T. Harv Eker states: "Give me five minutes, and I can predict your financial future for the rest of your life!" Eker does this by identifying your "money and success blueprint." We all have a personal money blueprint engrained in our subconscious minds, and it is this blueprint, more than anything, that will determine our financial lives. You can know everything about marketing, sales, negotiations, stocks, real estate, and the world of finance. But if your money blueprint is not set for a high level of success, you will never have a lot of money-and if somehow you do, you will most likely lose it! The good news is that now you can actually reset your money blueprint to create natural and automatic success.

T. Harv Eker exposes your "Money Blueprint" - the false ideas about money that are limiting your income and how you can change that blueprint right now.

Bob Scheinfeld:

For more than 20 years, Bob Scheinfeld has been helping people create extraordinary results, in less time, with less effort, and much more fun. His passion is helping others carve out and live what he calls their "Ultimate Lifestyle."

Bob captivates audiences through his unique and memorable personal stories of success, teaching them the lessons from his own rich life.

Bob Scheinfeld introduces you to a way to "Bust loose from the money game".

Melissa Scott

Melissa Scott is Australia's Leading Life Coach and Empowering Trainer of NLP Life Coaches. Melissa has coached many of Australia's leading executives, entrepreneurs, politicians, actors, authors and at home mums! Whether you want to be coached or become a coach- You will be transformed and inspired and life will never be the same!

DO you desire more passion, prosperity, purpose, love in your life?

Ready to eliminate sabotage and attract success and prosperity?

Ready to stop living a life of excuses and start really living?

Melissa has assisted thousands of people world wide to activate the power of their unconscious mind and END SABOTAGE and start living their dream life via her corporate and personal coaching, speaking, CD's, teleconferences and Books.

Melissa Scott teaches you how to end your self-sabotage and start attracting what you really want.

Tom and Penelope Pauley

say to you: "A few years ago after our family's 2nd personal bankruptcy a series of really wonderful and strange events sent our family down the road to become Rich Beyond our Wildest Dreams. We embarked on a journey of discovery and empowerment. We met people and had personal experiences that changed how we viewed the world. We realized that Conventional Wisdom is wrong. You can anything you want. Anything at all. All you need do is ask."

Tom and Penelope teach you how to unleash the incredible power of asking for what you want - and what not to ask for... Living the Law of Attraction doesn't get more crystal clear than this.

Cynthia Kersey:

Her best-selling book, UNSTOPPABLE, has sold several hundred thousand copies in 13 languages since 1998. In it she reveals the secrets and traits of hundreds of America's greatest achievers and how you can use their strategies to lead an Unstoppable life of amazing results.

The "unstoppable" Cynthia Kersey shows you the reasons why people succeed and how you can use the strategies of the super-successful in your own life.

Dan Kuschell:

His "Champion Vision" is a collection of trainings that have been developed thru years of experience, study, and trial and error.

He has used his athletic background and over 10 years in direct sales to develop a simple common sense approach to help the average person to enhance the quality of their life — in business, at home, and in their family.

Dan Kuschell shares with you the simple mindset strategy that took him from frustrated and broke to the very successful business and life coach he is today.

Loral Langemeier:

Born and raised on a farm in Nebraska, Loral Langemeier did not start out in life with money or connections. Loral, a master coach and financial strategist, built her first business in high school, and by the time she was 34, she'd established a multi-million-dollar portfolio of properties, businesses, gas/oil and notes.

Recognized by her peers for her personal commitment to helping people create unimaginable success, and acknowledged by thousands of clients for the substance, insight and applicable value her programs provide, Loral Langemeier has emerged as one of the most successful business and motivational speakers to hit the lecture platform.

Loral Langemeier is one of the top two millionaire makers in the world today - and her mission is to make you one of the them

Jack Zufelt:

Author of the delightfully controversial The DNA of Success Jack endears himself to audiences everywhere for the simple reason that he tried all the conventional success techniques of the "success gurus"... and got nowhere! If you're in the same boat, Jack can tell you why and, even better, how you too can get real results. If everything you've tried so far hasn't given you the life you want,Jack's your man!

Jack Zufelt shows you how to unleash the "conquering force" within - and why this approach is much more successful than the standard but overrated method of "goal-setting".

Dr. Carol Look

is a master of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a simple healing method based on Asian medicine that has helped hundreds of thousands of people to overcome the most diverse health challenges in record time.

Highly respected as the EFT world's greatest expert on using EFT to clear out self-limiting beliefs and create abundance, Carol can show you precisely how to program yourself for success in a matter of hours, if not minutes.

Dr. Carol Look teaches you what may be the most successful, cutting edge method for overcoming any mental or emotional obstacle almost instantly.

Mark Joyner

Mark Joyner

is nothing short of a marketing legend.  Often referred to as "the father of internet marketing", Mark is in fact one of the greatest marketing theorists of recent times.

What fewer people know is that Mark, not surprisingly, is also a master of peak performance and personal effectiveness, and guides thousands of people every day on how to create the life they want.

Mark Joyner outlines his complete, "simple" system for attaining Peak Performance in your life - how you can get much more done in much less time and take the most direct road to the results you want in life.

Mike Kemski

Mike Kemski's

BANABU (Building A New And Better Universe) course has become a worldwide phenomenon over the past several months. Using 11 simple principles, BANABU shows you how to get nearly instant results in any area of life important to you, whether business, relationships, money, family, job or marriage...

Mike Kemski shows you why your energy level is a major key to your results and how you can double or triple your mental and physical energy.

Tellman Knudson

Tellman Knudson

has risen from an unknown NLP expert to an internet marketing dynamo of amazing proportions in less than two years.  Now he uses his uncanny knowledge of the human mind to help you get similar results in the vital areas of your life.

Tellman Knudson shows you how you may be closer to ADD / ADHD than you think, and how you can turn these "handicaps" to your advantage in the information age.

Dr. Symeon Rodger

Dr. Symeon Rodger

founder of the Mindset Mastery Virtual Bootcamp, is a priest of the Eastern Orthodox Church, a martial arts expert and a former intelligence officer for the Canadian government. He has spent the last 35 years researching and testing the ancient world's foremost traditions of spiritual life, health maintenance and martial arts. And now he shows you how what you don't know about these traditions and their amazing training technologies can give you a deliberate, powerful and stress-free life.

Dr. Symeon Rodger introduces you to the ancient world's tested and proven strategies for mastering your mind, your body and your future, and how you can build a solid foundation for finding tranquility, control, health, love and security.

Praise for the Mindset Mastery Virtual Bootcamp Series

Please accept this message as my personal gesture of gratitude for putting together the Mindset Mastery Bootcamp series.

I can honestly say that the Mindset Mastery Bootcamp has grounded me firmly with a belief that financial achievement is accessible to anyone willing to work hard, apply some basic principles and commit without fail to their goal.

Just as general feedback the two guests who I feel have impacted my mindset the most and are contribuiting to my evolving success have been Jack Zufelt and Dan Kuschell. In fact, last week I began to practice one of Dan Kuschell's recommended methods and as a result there has been quite a bit of synchronicity occurring.

I thank you for your time, effort and hard work. I heartily endorse the Mindset Mastery Bootcamp series to anyone who takes their business and their personal responsibility to secure their financial well being seriously.

Best Regards,
Daniel Latrimurti
New Mexico

We are so proud of the way that you set this whole thing up. And as a interviewer you were generous, supportive, and kind.

I don't think we can give you any other feedback other than the fact that we loved being with you and thought you did a fabulous job!

From our side, we had a blast. This is what we love to do and you set the stage perfectly!

Thank you Angel.....All love,
(Janet Attwood - best-selling co-author of The Passion Test)

When people do exceptionally good work I think it should be brought to the attention of as many people as possible as effectively as possible.

I have been so impressed with your work that I have ordered your book and in fact now have it. It looks fabulous and I look forward eagerly to getting started.

I think your series is great. You have stayed on topic and not wandered off into the weeds. I think it is very valuable to me and will help me in launching an Internet business that I have been studying about.

Thank you for your help. May God continue to bless you and your wonderful program,

Rod Hohl
Charlestown, RI

Hi Symeon,

I just had to say Thank You to both you and Mike Kemski for this information. Finally something that is workable and makes sense. I pleased to hear that I am not the only individual having difficulties with the Law of Attraction. I'll be sure to get this course!

Thanks Again for all you bring to truly provide a wonderful service Symeon.

With Gratitutde,
Karen K.
Alberta, Canada

Hi Symeon,

First, and foremost, I want to thank you so much for bringing all these wonderful people to me and others, who have not only amazing stories of success to share (I especially loved Tom and Penelope Pauley, and their story), but how we can do it too. I have listened to a few of the calls 2-3 times!!

I am not the same person I was before listening to these calls, I have grown so much. Dr. Carol Look and EFT are both amazing, it has helped me change my vibration, and I have started to manifest many positive things in my life, I know that I am on the right path. It is all amazing, thank you for giving me the tools I needed, to get unstuck!!

Symeon, again, thank you so much, you are definitely a blessing.

I wish you all the very best in life,

April Jess
New York, NY

Hi Symeon,

The call tonight was great. I really appreciated the opportunity to listen to Loral Langemeir share her expertise. It is high-calibre content like this that opens so many new doors in life. Your interviews enrich the community of people who aim at bettering their lives, in many ways. Thank you for the fine work you do. It is a positive addition to my life and, ultimately, makes the world a better place.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Mohandas Gandhi.

With Appreciation,
Nancy Hall
Saskatchewan, Canada

But Wasn't the Movie "The Secret" the Mindset Event of the Year?

"The Secret" is well worth seeing, there's no doubt. But just compare the two. The Secret is a feature film, just under two hours in length. The Mindset Mastery Bootcamp series is over 21 hours of audio content.

And "The Secret" only covers one of the four principle areas of mindset - the "Law of Attraction" - the idea that your circumstances in life are largely a concrete manifestation of your deep-seated beliefs and thoughts.

The Mindset Mastery Bootcamp spends not only more time on the Law of Attraction than "The Secret" can; it also covers in detail the three other critical areas of mindset: 1) How to get clear on exactly what you want, 2) How to eliminate your internal sabotage (the Law of Attraction doesn't work at all unless you do this first, by the way), and 3) How to attain peak performance at whatever you're doing.

So as beneficial as "The Secret" may be, there's just no contest as to which one delivers the most content on all areas of transforming your mindset and your life.


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Dr. Symeon Rodger and the Mindset Mastery Team

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